How To Choose Sandwich Panel Adhesive?

Posted by Admin on July, 20, 2020

Sandwich panels are the biggest composite application for aircraft interior. These composite materials are comprised of a skin and a core material. It can be bonded together with the use of an adhesive and can be used in aircraft ceiling, flooring, lavatories, galley walls, and also cargo hold liners. It is very important to select the right material for these structures. If you fail to do so, it can result in poor finished products that don’t meet the aircraft inferior application rules and regulations. This will make the selection more complicated.

Along with understanding the end-use application needs and requirements, consider all the following points in selecting the right sandwich panel adhesive for the skin to core.

Strength Of The Bond Line To The Skin
This is the first thing that one should consider while selecting an adhesive for the sandwich panel bonding. High strength application needs can eliminate the most thermoplastic adhesive options quickly. This will narrow down the option during the process of selection.

At times the structural application might use the strength of the thermoset adhesive which will exhibit failure modes inside the core material than the cohesive or adhesive failure.

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The Process Parameters
Once you have checked the strength, you need to look at the specifications of the processing of the material that is chosen by you. When the adhesive chemistry that you have chosen matches the processing parameters of the other materials, it will ensure repeatable and uniform parts. Sandwich panel adhesive manufacturer in Mumbai provides you with the best adhesive.

The Flame Resistant Requirements
While you are choosing a skin to core adhesive, make sure to look at the flammability needs of the application. The interior of the aircraft might require compliance with FAR 25.853, though the smoke, flame, toxicity, and OSU testing isn’t applicable for every end-use application.

For instance, business and private jet needs vary from those of the aircraft that are used for commercial purposes. The other factor that you should consider is the flammability of the skin. For instance, if on the outer layer, PEI skin is used in the sandwich panel, the flame residence of the adhesive that you are choosing should be less critical. The reason is the heat resistance of the PEI skin.

But if a less heat resistant skin is used, then the election of the flame retardant adhesive is OSU complaint as it is extremely important.

After you choose the chemistry of the adhesive, the form of the adhesive should also be selected. The form can often assist the processing efficiency. For instance, a film adhesive is quicker and easier to process than that of the liquid resin system which needs more time to be pumped and wet out.

Thickness And Quantity
You need to use the right amount of adhesive when you are bonding sandwich panels. Adding too much adhesive can weaken the bond line by allowing the bulk adhesive properties to fall off at some point. It is identified as a cohesive failure while testing the panel.

Similarly, too little can cause issues like an adhesive failure from the foam or honeycomb during the adhesive testing.

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